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Recording Maryland GDA Productions

What is Recording?

Beginners guide to understanding the processes of the audio industry.

Recording is the process in which a musicians ideas are realized into a listenable experience. A high quality recording can elevate a song to the next level as well as save hours of time in the mixing and mastering stages. Recording can happen anywhere with any equipment however, a lot goes into a clean and pleasant representation of your music. 
In terms of physical requirements, a great recording takes a lot more gear and money than one might assume. For recording something as simple as a vocal take you would need a microphone, an XLR cable, an audio interface, a computer, and a DAW (digital audio workstation) not to mention a soundproofed and streamlined space. For a more complicated recording such as drums, which often require multiple microphones, equipment and expenses can sky rocket. 
Every individual instrument in any given song requires a separate and meticulous process for recording in order to bring out the best sound possible. Common issues such as feedback, room tones, and poor microphone quality plague every musician who has tried recording on their own and can easily ruin a good song. Recording is by far the most important part of the music creation process as it is the first step into a finished product. 
Every factor of recording can greatly impact a song both positively and negatively and mistakes are easy for those who don’t know what they are doing. 
At GDA the anxiety of recording is washed away as your music is in the hands of professionals who can guarantee you a fantastic recording experience and result.

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