Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Services

If you are looking to bring your music to life, contact our recording studio in Maryland for recording, mixing, and mastering services. 


24 HOUR!

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Whether you're a band, pop artist, or rapper we can accommodate your needs. With a crystal clear microphone chain, the best plugins on the market, and personalized headphone mixes, your recording experience will not be forgotten. 


Studio A

What you receive:

- Head Engineer during the day and Assistant Engineer at night

- Record 

- Use of any instruments available

- Vocal comping

- Raw files

- Rough mix

$80/hr (2 hr minimum)


Studio B

What you receive:

- An incredibly competent engineer

- Vocal comping

- Raw files

- Rough mix

$40/hr (1 hr minimum)

Differences Between The Studios?


Hear your vision come to life!

Mixing is taking all the elements of the song (such as the drums, vocals, synths, etc.) and blending them to achieve the best possible sound that'll give you chills. You don't want to not know what that feels like. Using analog outboard gear and incredible linear speakers your song will sound better than you ever thought it could. 


What you receive: 

- Editing + Vocal Tuning (melodyne and/or autotune)

- 3 rounds of revisions

- Acapella + Instrumental

- Final mix at full resolution

- 5-7 day turnaround per song

Stem Mix

$250/song (singles)

$225/song (2-9 songs)

$200/song (10≥)

2 Track Mix

$150/song (singles)

$125/song (2-9 songs)

$100/song (10≥)

Stem Mix vs 2 Track Mix?


Hear the mix you love, polished for that "radio-ready" sound and loudness. Using analog gear and multiple sets of speakers, you'll be sure that your song translates from your phone to the car, to the club. 

What you receive:

- MP3, Full Resolution, 16 bit 44.1k

- 3 rounds of revisions

- 1-3 day turnaround per song

$50/song (singles)

$40/song (2≥)